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About IFAT

Ifat Group is the leading Israeli company supplying analyzed and processed information. The company was founded in 1947 and is highly experienced in locating, analyzing and processing communications and business information, supplying services to thousands of business, institutional and private customers.

Ifat Group is a member of the FIBEP – International Federation of the Press Clipping Services – enabling us to provide our clients with media and business information from around the world in immediate response time.

The Group includes four companies that employ some 300 employees who work hard tracking information from different areas, analyzing it and processing it, providing you, the customer, with a variety of information and analysis services in the highest standards.

The company’s services include:

Ifat Media Information locates and analyzes media information and offers three lines of services:
Locating information from written press and broadcast media according to client definition and in immediate response time.
Media image analysis and headlines analysis to gauge effectiveness of media exposure and evaluate reports by content and size.
Infor service, Israel’s largest, most comprehensive and accurate source of information on the media industry itself.

Ifat Advertising Monitoring evaluates and supplies information from the world of advertising. It features the Internet Advertising Monitoring software, which professionally and reliably monitors advertising in different medias. “Follow Me!”, an advanced campaign that allows you to view your competitors’ advertisements every morning, and a daily advertising and public relations competitors report that will make sure that your competitors can never catch you off guard.

Ifat Business Opportunities traces and processes business information, and includes Ifat Business Opportunities, which collects and publishes tenders and business opportunities from Israel and around the world; Ifat Projects, which provides business information in the field of construction, including priming and implanting projects; and Ifat Construction Tenders, which is a database containing hundreds of tenders in the construction field, including bill of quantities summary.
Our services also include a database of available construction lots and a database of private construction including information about private construction and expansion of existing buildings.

Ifat OnDisc is the biggest and most extensive database in Israel of public Israeli companies that are traded on stock markets in Israel and around the world. The database goes back to 1993, and includes financial reports with an option to export Excel files and perform conclusive comparisons between different sectors.

Ifat Translations
Ifat Translations specializes in translating, summarizing, editing and proofing of information in Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic. The company houses 25 experienced workers who specialize in translation, smart summarization, editing and proofing, and are ready to fill your translation needs in short reaction time and in high quality.
Ifat Transcripts
Ifat Transcripts supplies documentation, recording and transcription services, with highly advanced technological means and a professional and experienced team.
The company’s services include recording debates and committee meetings and transcribing the recordings. The company has decades of experience, and it records hundreds of hours and transcribes thousands of protocol pages a month. Our clients include government offices, attorneys and institutes of local authorities.